Point to Point

Safe Bet Black provides an excellent, luxurious "my safe bet" solutions for a range of events and occasions. With affordable rates, discount programs, a vast fleet, and a proven track record of phenomenal customer service, Safe Bet Black team has been providing outstanding levels of expertise, knowledge, and commitment to the customer base.

Door to Door Luxury
Our professional limo chauffeurs ensure you experience the most exceptional door to door luxury when you travel with our Safe Bet Black vehicles in the vicinity. Inside our cars, all clients experience a VIP setting with a strict health and safety vehicle maintenance policy that will ensure that every vehicle is systematically maintained. Your health, safety, and comfort are paramount, making it an experience like no other. Our Point to Point Service, select with our group of black cars, including sedans, SUVs, executive vans, and luxury sedans.

Safe Reliable Transportation Service
Safe Bet Black is building a happy client base. One of the safest, reliable, and convenient ways to travel from point A to B, with your very own chauffeur, minding the road for you while honoring your door to door instructions. Wherever you're are headed, you can rely on the Safe Bet Team to get you there most efficiently. Safe Bet Black looks forward to assisting you with all your point to point transportation needs in Atlanta.
Book your ride on the website, download the app, or call (717) SAFEBET.